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HERDIN Record #: 103096-19071714380984 Submitted: 17 July 2019 Modified: 18 July 2019


Matthew Barela,
Jitae  Kim ,
Paula Angelica Leanillo,
Ingrid Gail Villarico

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Having good shoulder flexibility is very essential for every upper extremity movement for the shoulder is to able to place the hand in different positions. Mechanical device that is usually used in treating shoulder mobility problems is the finger ladder or shoulder ladder. It is used for regaining and maintaining the shoulder range of motion.

The researchers come up with the idea of modifying a portable and more convenient shoulder ladder for shoulder range motion exercise. The JAIM-SL will be a detachable shoulder ladder that has an advantage compared to a standard device. The researchers believe that the modified device will be beneficial to patients with musculoskeletal conditions of the shoulders.

The study was focused on determining the acceptability of JAIM-SL in regaining the shoulder range of motion of patients with musculoskeletal conditions that has a problem with limitation of motion. The device was evaluated by 30 licensed physical therapists in different hospitals. The respondents evaluated the JAIM-SL device using a questionnaire.

The researchers recommend to conduct a research with regards to the effectiveness of the JAIM-SL device to patients with musculoskeletal conditions of the shoulders and should also focus on adding additional shoulder movements . Modify the devices to have a different height to accommodate various patients.

In conclusion, the JAIM-SL device is a neutral device among licensed Physical Therapists as a device for shoulder musculoskeletal conditions. The JAIM-SL device has 14 out of 30 respondents and has obtained 46.6% out of 100% rating it highly acceptable, and with no responses for not acceptable and highly not acceptable, therefore then received more positive responses than negative responses.

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Department of Physical Therapy
Publication Date
March 2019
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UPH-Dr. Jose G. Tamayo Medical University/Medical Center PT337 Abstract Print Format
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