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HERDIN Record #: NCR-PHC-18020914164762 Submitted: 09 February 2018 Modified: 09 February 2018

A case of persistent chest pain in a patient with coronary artery fistula with a functionally normal myocardium: a therapeutic challenge.

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Background: Coronary artery fistula of the left circumflex is a rare subset of coronary anomaly among with congenital heart disease, and treatment is focused on symptoms of patients, which reflects hemodynamic compromise.

Study case: a case of a 53 year old female who presented with chest pain.

Discussion: Our study findings revealed ischemia in ECG with findings of coronary artery fistula with no stenotic vessels and a normal myocardial scan subsequentlyunderwent transcatheter coiling of the fistula, with remarkable improvement.

Conclusion: Congenital anomalies of the coronaries render complications, and surgical correction is necessary; however, contemporary studies have considered transcatheter techniques, which are debatable. A clinical decision to address the symptoms should be undertaken to prevent further sequelae to the pathologic development of the anomalous coronary.

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