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HERDIN Record #: PCHRD13080111274389 Submitted: 01 August 2013 Modified: 01 August 2013

Myocardial perfusion scintigraphy: utilization patterns and impact on patient management at the Philippine Heart Center.

JM Obaldo,
JF Torres,
AO Martinez,
TM Bolotaulo-Sadava

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The clinical use of SPECT myocardial perfusion scintigraphy in 101 patients referred to the nuclear medicine department of a tertiary care hospital was evaluated. The most common indications for requesting the test were for assessment of myocardial viability after infarction, determination of the size of the infarcted or ischemic area, and confirmation of the presence or absence of suspected coronary artery diseases (CAD). Using the chest symptoms and demographic data to calculate pretest likelihood for CAD, it was determined that 10 had high probability, 34 had intermediate probability and 8 had low probability for the disease. The rest (49 patients) had proven CAD. The test result contributed to a modest degree of stratification into the extreme of CAD likelihood. There was a change in the decision to catheterize in 17 of 101 patients, planned catheterization being reduced by 25% (16/64) as a result of the scan findings. A normal scan had greater impact however, with the perceived need for catheterization going down by 80%. A change in whether to proceed with surgical procedures (angioplasty or bypass) or not was also noted in 17 patients. Finally, the results contributed to a change in medical management in 29 patients. Our data indicate that perfusion scanning is usde more often for the functional information it gives, rather than simply for CAD detection, and has substantial impact on subsequent clinical decision - making.

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Journal Article, Original
The Nucleus: Journal of the Radioisotope Society of the Philippines
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