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HERDIN Record #: R07-CVHRDC-11221210112727 Submitted: 22 November 2012 Modified: 15 July 2013

The musculoskeletal manifestations and functional capacity of the 60 years and above of Dumaguete City.

Ma. Arsenia Lopez,
Millard Mamhot,
Ramonita Nakao

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A descriptive, cross-sectional study was done to determine the musculoskeletal manifestations and the functional capacity of the sixty-year old and older of Dumaguete City. The findings showed that the three most frequently cited musculoskeletal manifestations are pains/joint pains, loss of strength/flexibility/endurance of extremities, and decreased activities, respectively. These involved the knees, shoulders, back and spine, arranged in order of frequency. The respondents were able to perform self-care and vocational activities alone despite these complaints. However, their functional capacity levels differ significantly as age progresses. There is no significant difference on these levels between the male and female elderlies. Furthermore, the results show that the musculoskeletal complaints were self-managed utilizing over-the-counter drugstore medicines and traditional interventions while a few did not do any action. The older population of Dumaguete City remains independent and can be involve in more productive activities not only in the homes but also in the communities.

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Research Report


To determine the musculoskeletal manifestations and the functional capacity of the sixty-year old and older of Dumaguete City.

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