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HERDIN Record #: PCHRD08161106083168 Submitted: 16 August 2011 Modified: 17 August 2011

A study of possible neutralizers of the toxin ingested by the tahong and other shells from Maqueda Bay, Western Samar.

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The mass food poisoning brought by ingestion of red tide contaminated shellfish along Maqueda Bay in Western Samar during the latter half of 1983 had caused death and panic among the inhabitants of the affected areas. The cause of the panic was not due mainly on the appearance of poisonous plankton itself but more on the inavailability of effective antidotes to the toxic substance which the plankton produced.To prevent similar occurrence of red tide poisoning in the future, a research study on possible neutralizers of the toxic element was conducted by a team of researchers, doctors and research assistants from the Regional Health Office No.8 for a period of 9 months. Results of the study showed that activated charcoal, powdered coconut shell charcoal, coconut milk and medicinal plant, urai give positive antitoxic reaction to the poison. (Author)

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