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HERDIN Record #: PCHRD08161103083613 Submitted: 16 August 2011 Modified: 19 July 2017

Evaluation of the national integrated research program on medicinal plants.

Ofelia P. Saniel

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Research Project


1. To establish the importance, relevance and potential of herbal medicines given present global trends and national priorities (Macro level study).
2. To assess the effect of NIRPROMP on the nature and extent of use of medicinal plant preparations by health workers and general population (Micro level study)

A. Global Level

1. To determine the extent to which the manufacture and use of herbal medicine are affected by global/international movements such as:
a. environmentalism/conservationalism
b. "back to nature" movements
c. self-help movements
d. others

2. To examine patterns of production and commerce of herbal medicines in terms of:
a. kinds produced and exported/imported
b. technology used
c. volume of production
d. volume/amount exported imported

B. National Level

1. Examine how production, acceptance and utilization of herbal medicine are influenced by national policies and legislations such as:
a. Constitutional mandate to provide health services to all the people at affordable cost
b. National objective of self-sufficiency in drugs as contained in the Generic Act
c. Laws on trade liberalization, treaties entered into by government such as GATT and AFTA
d. Local government code and devolution

2. Examine how national policies are translated into specific government programs with respect to herbal drugs by the following government agencies: DOH, DTI, NEDA, DOST, DECS, CHED, UP System, DA, others.

3. Examine the role of the pharmaceutical industry in terms of their:
a. attitude towards the use of herbal drugs
b. willingness to produce herbal drugs
c. sponsorship of seminars/workshops/training sessions on herbal drugs


4. Examine the role of medical profession in terms of their:
a. knowledge about herbal medicine
b. attitude about herbal medicine to prescribe herbal-based drugs and medicines.

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