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HERDIN Record #: PCHRD08161102084090 Submitted: 16 August 2011 Modified: 31 May 2012

Comparison of effects of Tolnaftate and Cassia alata in tinea skin infection.

Myrna L. Abello

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Effects of the two drugs were compared on the basis of: (a) duration of treatment; (b) age; (c) sex; (d) location of the lesion; (e) adverse effects. The cost of the two drugs was also comparedThe study was done on all patients consulting at the skin clinic of Regional Health Office No. 6 and pupils of the Nabitasan Elementary School who had Tinea flava or Tinea versicolor as diagnosed by a physician and verified by laboratory examination. Assignment of patients to the drugs was done randomly with the use of the table for random numbers. Patients were given instructions on the proper use of the drugs and were followed up at monthly intervals.Records based on the appearance of the lesions were made for every visit to the clinic and to the school, in the case of the pupils. It was observed that no evidence of bacterial infection was found in any of the patients studied. Neither was there observed signs or symptoms of sensitivity to the drugs.Results showed that the effectivity of Cassia alata ointment is comparable to Tolnaftate ointment for the treatment of tinea skin infections. There is no significant difference between the effect of Cassia alata and Tolnaftate oinment after three months of treatment although tolnaftate seemed more effective after two months of treatment. Adverse effects were not noted on both drugs. On the economic side, Tolnaftate was found to be more expensive than Cassia alata.

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To compare the effects of tolnaftate ointment and cassia alata ointment on tinea skin infections.

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