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HERDIN Record #: PCHRD08161110080742 Submitted: 16 August 2011

Determining the optimum number of views in radiographic diagnosis of paranasal sinusitis.

Gil M. Vicente

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Results of plain paranasal sinus radiography of 30 patients clinically diagnosed to have sinusitis were compared to a "Gold Standard" (Computed Tomography). The data were subjected to an economic evaluation. Findings showed the following: (1) There is good concordance between the results obtained from the plain radiography and computed tomography. (2) The following combinations detected the highest number of sinuses affected among their groups with the same number of views: Waters open mouth: Waters open mouth + Caldwell; Waters closed mouth + Caldwell + Basal; Waters close mouth + Caldwell + Lateral + Basal. (3) At a cost of P 50.00/plate, Water open mouth view is a good screening view in evaluating the paranasal sinuses with a positive yield at 69% and a cost-effectiveness ratio of P 72.46. (4) Caldwell view is a good compliment to Waters open mouth view with incremental cost of P 455/extra affected sinus detected. (5) The use of three and four combinations increased the (+) yield minimally when compared to the Waters open mouth + Caldwell combination with incremental costs ranging from P1,677 to P5,000/extra affected sinus detected.

Publication Type
Research Project
November 30, 1989-November 30, 1990


The project aimed to improve health care delivery in government hospitals through the identification of more efficient health care management tools. Specifically it aimed to: (1) compare the yield in the diagnosis of paranasal sinusitis obtained from plain radiography with that obtained by computed tomography and (2) propose a combination which will give optimal information with the least expenditure.

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