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HERDIN Record #: PCHRD090107020911 Submitted: 02 September 2007 Modified: 04 September 2018

Effect on tuberculosis awareness among high school students in selected schools in Metro Manila after using educational intervention.

Teresita S. de Guia ,
Ana Maria A. Reyes,
Milagros S. Bautista,
Princess Nazareno,
Maria Nerissa  A. De Leon

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Background: The biggest burden of tuberculosis (TB) cases (40 percent) is in Southeast Asia The Western Pacific regions, including the Philippines, accounts for 29 percent of the 375,819 smear (+) cases. In 1998, the Philippines ranked 2nd next to China. Considering the threat it brings especially to the children, the cost of medications, and the length of treatment, prevention is the best strategy achievable only by education and awareness program. Our objective was to determine if educational intervention in schools in Metro Manila would affect the level of TB awareness among 3rd year high school students and the knowledge they have on the following aspects of TB pre and post educational intervention, 1) nature and cause, 2) transmissibility 3) effects on physical health 4) prevention. We also found out if the school based intervention improved the students' level of awareness on TB. One hundred-forty (140) students were included n this experimental non-comparative study, 280 questionnaires were answered pre and post educational intervention. Significant improvement as to transmissibility (p=0.004) and nature and cause aspects (p=0.000) were noted but none in the effects on physical health and prevention questions however there was a mean improvement in their scores post intervention. Based on this study, weak points were identified, making it possible for us to design educational programs that are effective in collaboration with all the agencies involved. (Author)

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Journal Article, Original
Philippine Heart Center Journal
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January-March 2006
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